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With a goal of keeping lessons fun and interesting, a program is designed based on an individual’s current ability and musical interests. By starting with proper technique and basic ideas, the focus can then shift to more advanced rhythmic concepts as they apply to the drumset. Topics might include, but aren’t limited to, kit set-up & tuning, the role of the drums in different musical settings, traditional vs. matched grip, fundamental rock, jazz & latin feels, rudiments within grooves & fills, 4-way coordination, odd time signatures or playing to a click. Various materials are used to support each lesson including George L. Stone’s “Stick Control” and Ted Reed’s “Syncopation”, as well as recordings, videos and printed examples that are relevant to the topic.

Lessons are given at my home on a full drumkit or at your place of choice. Students are added as scheduling allows. One hour and half-hour time slots. Please contact for current availability and rates.



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